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Welcome to Southwest Sandblasting & Powder Coating Inc.
Sandblasting|Powder Coating|Rust Removal|Painting|Refinishing
We specialize in sandblasting and related processes such as powder coating,
surface refinishing and more. Located in central Grand Rapids, Michigan, we are conveniently located for dropoffs and pickups and utilize many other shipping
methods to get your sandblast materials to us and returned to you quickly. We
have been sandblasting, powder coating, and resurfacing all types of surfaces
for over 30 years. Experience counts!

Southwest Sandblasting uses state-of-the art sandblasting equipment and
sandblast techniques that can handle rust removal to almost any degree in
auto components, farm equipment, trucks, pretty much anything that has
had it's metal surface marked by the effects of time and moisture. With
the many different grit media options at our disposal, we can sandblast,
dashboards, floorboards, body panels, motorcycles, four wheeler frames,
wheels, foot pegs, and swing arms. We can also sandblast other items
such as any light sheet metal, bed frames, lawn furniture,
and much more.

No job is too small... Your project is as
important to us as it is to you!
Sandblasting|Powder Coating|Rust Removal|Painting|Refinishing
Grand Rapids